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As you know, the BE Engaged Summit is only the beginning. We need the participation of business leaders, community members and volunteers to improve the educational achievement and outcome of public school students in Southern Nevada.

Below you will find information on how to learn more about many of the specific programs and organizations mentioned at previous BE Engaged conferences.

Executive Partner Program

The Executive Partner Program is an effort to bring business leaders — ideally CEOs, CFOs, COOs — to work with associate superintendents and principals in the Clark County School District. As associate superintendents and principals have many new responsibilities and decision-making authority at the individual school level, the Executive Partner Program provides business leaders as a resource to district personnel.

To sign up, please go to execconnect.thepef.org/

Southern Nevada Workforce Report

Jonas Peterson, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance presented the Southern Nevada Workforce Report Card.

Square Panda – Technology in English Language Learners & Literacy

The Square Panda Learning Device turns a tablet into a multi-sensory phonics learning system for children. Learners build reading readiness skills by playing early literacy games on their tablet with Square Panda. Learn more by visiting squarepanda.com

STEM 101

At our first BE Engaged Summit in 2016, STEM 101 graciously agreed to donate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum — as well as the accompanying teacher training — to all public middle schools in Nevada. The donation, valued at more than $1.4 million dollars, is an incredible opportunity to expose hundreds of Nevada’s young students to STEM education.

Additionally, STEM 101 is looking to expand its Corporate Connections Partner Program within the state of Nevada.  If your company is interested in learning how to help STEM students understand the connection between STEM education and its implementation in the business world, please contact Russell Mickelson, CEO of STEM 101, at: russellmickelson@stem101.org

STEM 101 is currently recruiting companies in the Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining industries.

To see companies already involved in the Corporate Connections Partner Program, watch this video: